Housing that's affordable

We offer affordable housing for everyone. All utilities including heating, cooling, electric, water, sewer and trash are provided in one monthly or weekly cost.

We offer Internet, furnished apartments, laundry and maid services at an additional cost.

Prices begin at $743/ month. (One person)

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Internet / Cable / Phone

For an additional charge, we provide high speed internet, cable TV, phone access, laundry services, even maid services and food delivery.

Need a ride? We can arrange for that, too!

We will even provide a laptop and printer for an additional cost.

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Flexible Payments

You can rent by the month or by the more modern weekly payment. Why struggle at the beginning of the month to make one large payment when you can pay when YOU get paid!

NOTE: The minimum amount needed to secure a residence is $400 deposit and one week's rent. 


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Since 1993

We are on a mission!

Housing should be clean, safe and affordable. It shouldn't be a struggle to come up with enough money to pay -

  • the heat bill,
  • the water bill,
  • the electric bill,
  • the cable bill,
  • the phone bill,
  • the internet bill... well, you get the point... there is always a bill!

But, we can help with a large portion of those bills. Our mission is to make everything simple and affordable.

Many of us are in transitions in life. Troy Street Apartments are designed to help you get back on track while keeping housing a minimum expense.

We are unique to the area as we really care about our residents and we want to provide them with the best value for the money.

We feature on-site laundry services, security cameras for your safety, well lit hallways and friendly management.

We like suggestions and good ideas, so we welcome your comments and your thoughts... we are in this together and together, we can make this a better place.

We want to make this relationship a long and productive one... please let us know how we can make your residency an awesome experience!

Call our Business Office at 937-423-3104 or TEXT at 937-423-3104

Next Steps...

If you are interested in becoming a part of our community, please take a moment to fill out the application page...