Our Approach

As we indicated in our mission statement  -


Housing should be clean, safe and affordable. It shouldn't be a struggle to come up with enough money to pay -

  • the heat bill,
  • the water bill,
  • the electric bill,
  • the cable bill,
  • the phone bill,
  • the internet bill... well, you get the point... there is always a bill!

But, we can help with a large portion of those bills. Our mission is to make everything simple and affordable.


Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

For a number of years, this property has been under the management of certain affiliates that were consumed by their own personal problems.

Now, with clear title and ownership of the property by GD Eastern, LLC, it is management's desire to fulfill the desire of the founders to provide affordable housing to those in need.

The hallmarks of this mission are to provide clean, affordable living with access to an expanded series of services including Internet, cable, phone, computers, laundry, etc.

Meet the Team

Joshua Desmond is the primary mover and shaker of this enterprise, but he is joined by his father John Desmond and his brother Jason Desmond.

Josh Desmond started this project 18 years ago. He has tried to provide housing that people can afford on a limited budget. He would love to  get your thoughts on how to make Troy Street Apts a better place to live!

John Desmond has been involved with the real estate business for over 20 years. While he, predominantly, focuses on single family houses, he is excited about providing a clean, safe environment to the community.

During the day, Jason Desmond is a stone cutter by trade. He produces massive and beautiful granite and marble counter tops and other stone works of art. He will be adding his talents to this project.

Next Steps...

Tell us about yourself. When do you need a place? Is it just you or will you have someone else residing with you?