You probably have a number of questions, so we will do our best to answer them, here. If you can't find an answer, then, please TEXT John at 937-423-3104, directly.

What’s your housing policy regarding applications?

You will need to have a job and can show 2 months of employment or be able to show that you are on some type of government, guaranteed, income. We have a standard application form, but there is no application fee at this time!  This may be changing, soon!

Do you accept people that are having a tough time?

We are all one stroke away from horrible times. Your circumstances are certainly important, but the criteria for living in this community is that you have income, agree to house rules, and can maintain a peaceful, clean, and respectful presence. Violators will be asked to move.

What is your policy about drugs?

We are a drug free zone. Violations of that policy may result in an eviction.